Passportal Outage Update

We recognize the recent Passportal performance issues are frustrating and disruptive to your business. Our engineering teams continue to make this a top priority and we sincerely apologize for these challenges.

We continue to investigate the root cause and will update here when we have a more concrete path for remediation.

Steps taken:

  • Significantly increased capacity for the U.S. cluster to a R4.16Xlarge (upgraded from R4.4Xlarge) to help mitigate performance degradations
  • Decreased the threshold of our query timeouts to eliminate performance bottlenecks and backlogging

Next steps:

  • Analyze and optimize long-running queries that have been causing bottlenecks and backlogging
  • Review and upgrade database configuration
  • Assess deadlock errors
  • Enhance our tech stack to allow for better caching (Redis)

This will be an on-going process and will keep you updated via our:

Please keep in mind that this outage is directly linked to performance and availability and is not security related, and only affects our U.S. Cluster.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions –

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