N-able™ Passportal™ is experiencing intermittent performance issues.

This outage is directly linked to performance and availability and is not security related.

This continues to be a high priority for us, and senior operations teams are working around the clock in conjunction with our development teams to finalize the remediation path.

We are committed to re-establishing our historical levels of stability and communicating in a transparent manner to help you stay up to date on key developments. We will continue to provide updates for you here as they become available. Here’s the steps that we’re working through to eliminate recent levels of degraded performance: 

  • Eliminating potential deadlock errors 
  • Optimizing and modernizing queries 
  • Continuous expansion of monitoring granularity 
  • Ongoing review and upgrades to database configuration 
  • Upsizing node for temporary burst capacity 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions –  

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