N-able RMM Release: Updates to Automation Manager, Windows XP/Server 2003 Monitoring, TeamViewer Integration and More

This week we have quite a few updates to share, here are all the details!

Automation Manager upgrade with new Azure objects for custom scripts
We’re pleased to highlight we have released an update to Automation Manager, the drag-&-drop tool for creating powerful custom scripts that you can use in monitoring and automation. This latest update (v2.19) introduces additional Azure management objects for blob storage and PowerShell, see release notes below for details.

To take advantage, please download the new version of Automation Manager from the Script Manager dialog (go to Settings > Script Manager). If you’re new to the tool, check out this previous post for more details on how to create and upload custom scripts, or head on over to the MSP Institute for some excellent tutorials.

Monitor Windows XP and Server 2003 as network devices
Following the announcement a few weeks ago that we will be retiring agent-based monitoring for these two legacy OSs, we’re pleased to confirm that for partners who still have those devices under management, it’s now possible to monitor them as Network Devices. Go to the Networks tab to scan a network, then look the device up under Connected Devices, right click and select ‘Monitor Device’.

We’ve also made it a little easier to add an SNMP check to network devices, with a new simplified SNMP check option alongside the existing SNMP Check wizard.

New Windows RC Agent v10.11.8
The new RC agent contains an important update to the TeamViewer integration to address an issue that was affecting TeamViewer upgrades. Any partners who updated to the current GA Agent (v10.11.5) and experienced an issue with their TeamViewer installation are encouraged to install this new agent to resolve the issue.

New Column Sorter on ‘Monitored Devices’ view
Now it’s possible to sort by columns on the Monitored Devices view, so it’s easier to find the devices you’re looking for. You can access the Monitored Devices view from the left-side Dashboard menu.

Web Protection Update
There’s also a small update to Web Protection with release v5.28.1, with general performance improvements and an updated digital certificate for N-able.

Automation Cookbook – More Custom Scripts
Every month we will highlight new or popular scripts in the Automation Cookbook, looked after by our Head Nerds with contributions from partners such as yourselves!

It’s all part of the service: simply log into the Partner Success Center and head over to the Automation Cookbook. From there you can download the script you want and upload it to RMM: simply go to Settings > Script Manager then click ‘New’ to add it to your list of automated tasks and monitoring checks.

This month we’ll put a special spotlight on some Patch Management scripts to help you in your day to day:

Summary for Service Release
– Windows Agent RC update
– RMM Console v2021.09.01
– Windows RC Agent v10.11.8

RMM Console v2021.09.01
UPDATE: Monitor Windows XP and Server 2003 devices as network devices
UPDATE: Column sorter for the Monitored Devices view
UPDATE: Improve performance of Patch Management workflow dialog when used with client groups
UPDATE: Removed support for adding Android devices to MDM (see post)
UPDATE: New SNMP Check option to make it easier to add SNMP checks to network devices
BUGFIX: Address issue in Patch Management Workflow causing a deselected client to be included in the selection
BUGFIX: Solve device count issue in Patch Management Workflow dialog
BUGFIX: Address Mobile Device Management issue affecting bulk uploads
BUGFIX: Ensure Apple Device Management icon shows when viewing problem workstations
BUGFIX: Resolve issue related to invalid SNMP checks for network devices
BUGFIX: Address agent push install error on Networks tab for accounts using a custom domain
BUGFIX: Resolve blank confirmation window issue when clearing more than one check at a time

Automation Manager v2.19
Update – Update ‘Scriptrunner’ to v2.19
Update – Update the Automation Manager app to v2.19
Update – New Azure object: Install Azure PowerShell module
Update – New Azure object: Get file name from path
Update – New Azure object: Upload file to blob storage
Update – New Azure object: Download file from blob storage
Update – New Azure object: Create blob storage container
Update – Input Prompt linked to Object Outputs
Update – NULL Checking added to If/Else Object
Bug Fix – UAC Monitoring
Bug Fix – AM Script Runner 64 timeout issue
Bug Fix – VMWare Get Guest Tools 
Bug Fix – Download file from URL
Bug Fix – Global Variables
Bug Fix – AM Initialization and Policy Execution
Bug Fix – Get Logged on Users
Bug Fix – Office 365 Get Mailbox Folder Statistics
Bug Fix – Get OS Architecture
Bug Fix – Additional prefix character
Bug Fix – Remove Local Profiles
Bug Fix – Empty policy created by designer can be opened
Bug Fix – Windows UAC status
Bug Fix – 2 Clear Text Password issues fixed
Bug Fix – Global Variable Assignment object

Web Protection 5.28.1
UPDATE: General performance enhancements
UPDATE: Updated digital certificate to N-able

Windows Agent v10.11.8 RC
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting TeamViewer upgrade in Agent v10.11.5

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