N-able RMM advance notice: legacy mobile device management to be retired, replaced by Apple device management

We want to let you know that we will be retiring the legacy mobile device management (MDM) service in N-able RMM on November 1, 2021. It will be replaced by the new Apple device management (ADM) service for iOS devices, which offers numerous advanced management options not available in the legacy MDM service.

Android devices—and iOS devices that have not re-enrolled in the new Apple device management service—will no longer be supported as of November 1. To help facilitate the transition, we will no longer bill for these devices from September. We advise you to enrol any iOS devices in ADM before November. For instructions, go to this KB article.

For Android devices, Microsoft Intune may offer a suitable alternative solution. We intend to offer Android support in RMM in the future, but due to changes in their ecosystem, we will be unable to provide this in the short term.

iOS: enroll iPhones and iPads in Apple device management (ADM)
Apple iPhones and iPads enrolled in ADM will continue to be supported. You can see which ones are registered by the green checkmark in the Status column in the Mobile Devices view.

As well as the step-by-step KB article, we also have a short video to help complete enrolment. As previously highlighted, iOS devices must do this to continue to connect to RMM’s dashboard.

Android: optional next steps
You are not required to take action on Android devices as the service will be retired automatically. However, you may wish to remove them from the dashboard in advance. To do so, simply go to the Mobile Devices tab in RMM, then select and right-click any items you wish to remove.  

Note that from November, unsupported Android and iOS devices will still show in the dashboard for an extended period, and display a message to indicate the device is no longer supported, as shown in the screenshot below.

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