N-able RMM: Updated iOS and Raspberry Pi Support with Latest Mac and Linux Agents

Apple Device Management Enhancements with Improved iPhone and iPad Support

We’re excited to announce that iPhones and iPads in RMM can now use RMM’s Apple Device Management system. The workflow of enrolling an iOS device into RMM is nearly identical to what you already know, with the addition that when the device is successfully enrolled, it now uses the same Mac Device Management back-end system that we released in last year.

The major benefit – besides having a robust and modern new infrastructure – is that iOS devices are no longer limited to the previously available policies. Instead, just like we announced for Mac in September, any custom configuration profile can be uploaded and then pushed to an enrolled iOS device.

Simply right click an iOS device in the North Pane to install, remove, or view the installed profiles.

Because customers may wish to enroll iOS devices, but not Mac workstations, we have added an option to not prompt Macs for enrollment when the Device Management service is setup. Upgrade the Mac to Agent 3.6.1 and turn off Mac enrollment in General Settings. With this option unticked, Mac workstations running Agent 3.6.1 will not automatically prompt for user enrollment. The enrollment prompt can be manually triggered via an Automated Task (search “Relaunch Mac Device Management Enrollment” in RMM’s helpfile for details).

Existing iOS devices previously enrolled in MDM will continue to function until March 2021, at which time they will cease to communicate with the Dashboard. Migrating the devices will require uninstall of the previous enrollment profile and re-enrollment. Per Apple rules, this cannot be scripted or automated. Right click on the existing device and choose the “Resend Provisioning” option to start re-enrollment.

Existing iOS Device Policies will be available for existing devices and for reference purposes. New ones cannot be created. You will need to recreate the Policy using standard configuration profiles.

Remote Background Manager for Mac Now GA

Note also that Mac Agent v3.6.0 is now the new GA agent. This means Remote Background Manager for Mac workstations is now a GA feature, as is support for macOS ‘Big Sur’, Apple’s latest macOS release.

New Linux Agent with Raspberry Pi Support

Not to be outdone by Mac, we also released a Linux agent update, v2.0.4 RC. We’re very pleased to highlight that it’s now possible to install the agent on Raspberry Pi’s! We know quite a number of you have Raspberry Pi’s on your networks and now it’s possible to bring those devices under management as well, thanks to support for the ARM chipset these devices run on.

To install a Raspberry Pi, click the Agent dropdown menu, then select Linux, and you’ll see the new option:

This latest Linux RC Agent also brings some stability and performance improvements, please see release notes below for details.

Updates to standalone SolarWinds Backup Monitoring

In follow up to this previous update, we’re pleased to confirm that RMM is now able to automatically monitor standalone SolarWinds Backup. When standalone Backup is detected, the system will automatically add the Backup Check for that device, helping you stay on top of any backup issues (note this check is designed to not trigger any additional monitoring charges).

Summary for Service Release
– Mac iOS, Linux updates
– RMM Console v2020.12.15
– Mac RC Agent v3.6.1, Mac GA Agent v3.6.0, Linux RC Agent v2.0.4

RMM Console v2020.12.23
FEATURE: iPhone and iPad support for Apple configuration profiles
BUGFIX: Resolve issue causing Device Filters to display the wrong client selection
BUGFIX: Update to Apple Mac’s Patch Management automated task to address a termination issue
BUGFIX: Resolve Patch Management installation timeout issue
BUGFIX: Updated support for Veeam in the Backup Check (requires Windows Agent v10.10.2 or higher)

Mac RC Agent v3.6.1
UPDATE: Will not prompt for Device Management enrollment when option is chosen in General Settings

Mac Agent v3.6.0 GA
Includes all the updates since the previous Mac GA Agent (v3.4.3)

Mac Agent v3.6.0 RC
UPDATE: Support for macOS Big Sur
UPDATE: Native support for Apple Silicon processors
UPDATE: Support for Take Control TeamViewer v15 integration

Mac RC v3.5.0
FEATURE: Remote Background Manager for Mac workstations (the feature requires macOS v10.12 and up)

Linux v2.0.4 RC
FEATURE: Raspberry Pi support
UPDATE: Improved stability of automated tasks
UPDATE: Software assets now display versions of the installed packages
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when performance monitoring check reports 0Mb available memory
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when hard drive is not detected on some machines
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when no partitions found on the device

Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender, v51.6.2.5)released in December, superseded by v6.6.21.305
BUGFIX: An issue with occasionally devices incorrectly syncing causing definitions to display out of date when they were current has now been corrected.
BUGFIX: Corrected an issue that would cause a system to incorrectly display an OPSWAT failed state.
BUGFIX: Corrected the behavior for devices experiencing the Scan History disappearing when scans were running.
BUGFIX: Corrected the Italian translation for “fail MAV check when threats present in quarantine”

Windows RC Agent v10.10.2 – released in December, superseded by v10.10.3
UPDATE: Updated support for Veeam in the Backup Check

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