SolarWinds RMM: Automation Manager Version Upgrade

We’re pleased to let you know that we have released an update to Automation Manager, the drag-n-drop script building tool that lets you create powerful custom scripts for checks and automated tasks – without the need to be a wizard at writing complex scripts!

In addition, the release contains a couple of Web Protection improvements and other customer bug fixes – please see below for details.

Automation Manager v2.10

The new version, Automation Manager v2.10, contains a set of improvements and bug fixes to help you create even more accurate custom checks and automated tasks. To take advantage, please update your version of the Automation Manager app by going to Settings > Script Manager, then click the Automation Manager download link. Simply install the app on your machine to start using the latest build.

Here’s a quick walk-through of how to get set up:

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ dropdown menu, then select ‘Script Manager’.

new AM 1

2. Click ‘Automation Manager’ in the top right of the dialog to download the new version

new AM 2

3. Open up the new Automation Manager to start building a new script. You can also edit existing scripts you previously created in the old version of Automation Manager.

new AM 3

4. Once you’ve created or edited a script, save it to your local computer. Then in the Script Manager dialog, click ‘New’ or ‘Edit’ to upload or update the script.

new AM 4

6. Once you’ve added it to your Dashboard, you can apply it to devices as a Script Check or Automated Task using the standard Add Check and Task options.

new AM 5

Of course, existing custom scripts created with the previous version of Automation Manager will continue to run without any issue. However, if any of them use any of the objects mentioned below, you may wish to open them in the new Automation Manager app, save them, then re-upload to RMM so that those custom scripts also incorporate the latest updates.


Summary for Service Release
– New ‘Automation Manager’ version 2.10, Web Protection v5.14
– RMM Console v2019.04.12
– No RMM agent change

RMM Console v2019.04.12
UPDATE: Improved workflow when adding SNMP checks to network devices via the new Custom Checks Wizard
BUGFIX: Correct issue in Weekly Report to not erroneously report device as overdue when it was not

Automation Manager v2.10
UPDATE: Improvement to the “Create AD User” object to allow for more user data
BUGFIX: ‘Get Desktop Monitor Information’ object handles multiple monitors better
BUGFIX: Resolution for “201 Output is empty” error
BUGFIX: Improvement to “Create mapped drive” object
BUGFIX: Fix issue with the OK and Cancel buttons when incorporating a PowerShell script
BUGFIX: Fix a “length cannot be less than zero” issue affecting the “Send Command and Receive Response” object
BUGFIX: Ensure the “Create Mapped Drive (Persist)” object persists the mapped drive
BUGFIX: Improvement to the “Software Inventory” object and the “Is Application Installed” objects to handle 32-bit systems
BUGFIX: Ensure Folder File Count object doesn’t run without end if the folder does not exist, show error message
BUGFIX: Update the Search Events object so the ‘Search for’ field isn’t mandatory so you can search for all error events
BUGFIX: Ensure the “Extract Compressed File” extracts correctly

Web Protection Agent v5.14
UPDATE: Improve decisions provided in logs, so that they can be understood more easily
BUGFIX: HTTPS packet processing logic improved, to ensure that the agent identifies both IP addresses and domain names, before making a decision
BUGFIX: Retain information about DNS packets in logs

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