MSP Manager Update – Enhancements and Release Notes

Hot on the heels of our latest feature update, we have a few enhancements and many bug fixes in this release.

New enhancements

·         We’ve added permissions over assets, so you can choose who can view or manage assets.  To retain all current functionality that you are currently used to, we’ve assigned both permissions to all existing roles.
·         The Tickets report now includes columns for the create date/time, completed date/time, ticket type/sub-type and asset name.  This is also available in the CSV export as well as the Helpdesk ticket export
·         We’ve updated our SLA report, so that you can easily export the details of breached or all tickets, allowing you to show your customer how quickly their issues are addressed!

 Bug fixes

·         Invoice exported via CSV does not respect time zone/culture
·         Access Group for All Customers does not contain all customers
·         Mapped item is not visible in customer rate details
·         .msg files are not attached to tickets if they are a duplicate
·         Tickets display “The <item> is no longer in the system” for active Customers and Locations
·         Unable to change contact after changing customer on a ticket request
·         Time Entry notifications not sent from the correct mailbox
·         Opening a link from a response opens in the same frame rather than a new browser tab
·         When bulk-deleting tickets, duplicate ticket requests appear at top of the screen
·         Ticket requests from known domain/unknown user is not automatically added as contact
·         Ticket changing to assigned status when updating technician field

We’re previewing a new feature!  If you’re interested in adding Custom Defined Fields to your Assets and providing feedback, you may want to join our preview group.  Email me:

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