MSP Manager Feature Update – Custom Knowledge Templates, Custom Ticket Statuses, Customer Level Contacts and Portal Easy Ticket Request

We are happy to announce the release of some new feature enhancements to MSP Manager this week!

Custom Knowledge Templates put the creative design in your hands, giving you the flexibility to create custom templates to store any number of knowledge types to meet your business requirements.

Easily migrate passwords from legacy password knowledge items into your custom creations with the search and link capability.  We’ve extended the Expiry functionality so you can set different reminder lengths based on the expiry item.  Search capability was added so you can more easily find the article you are looking for.

Custom knowledge items can be linked to assets and tickets, keeping valuable documentation about these items quickly accessible.  Extend knowledge items by linking them together for quick references.

We’ll leave your existing Knowledge in place to allow you plenty of time to move them over.  We’ve specifically tagged Passwords and Expiry menus as Legacy, to remind you that newer Custom Knowledge functionality supersedes these capabilities.

 Custom Ticket statuses let you to add your own statuses to each of the existing statuses sections, allowing you to have statuses that best fit your daily workflows.  You can order your statuses so they appear in the list of ticket statuses in your preferred order for more efficient selections.

 Customer Level Contacts remove the constraint of assigning a location to every contact, which is ideal for those contacts that tend to move around an organization.  We’ve updated the ticket contact and location dropdowns logic to match, to save you from having to fill out extra fields when possible.

 Portal Easy Ticket Requests let your customers log ticket requests without needing a portal account.  Your customers can now easily reach out for help by specifying an email, subject and description of their issue.

 These new features will begin rolling today, Monday April 8th and should complete by Wednesday the 10th.


Thank you to all who contributed to IDEAS to make this happen:

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