SolarWinds Mail Assure: April 8th Features and Update Release


Filtering (services): 

  • Resolved: fixed an error processing journal messages that wrongly contain a byte-order-mark character in the sender address (MMA-1083) 
  • Resolved: fixed an issue that could leave messages with a “queued” status in the log when they had been delivered or expired from the delivery queue (MMA-1062) 
  • Resolved: fixed an issue processing messages that contain a link to a short-URL service that starts with // (87d2a17198) 
  • Resolved: fixed an issue where Protection Report sending could fail with badly formatted images (MMA-351) 
  • Improved: adjusted the delivery details query backend to significantly improve performance (MMA-540) 

Front-end / GUI: 

  • Resolved: fixed an issue downloading archive exports over 2 GB in size (MMA-1033) 
  • Resolved: fixed an issue with mixed-case host names when using a Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate (MMA-1039) 
  • Resolved: fixed an issue accessing the OAuth configuration page at domain level (MMA-1145) 
  • Resolved: fixed the order of destination server attempts in the Network Tools page (MMA-1100) 
  • Resolved: when the incoming filter product was disabled and is enabled, filtering mailboxes by default is now enabled (MMA-1032) Resolved: fixed an issue where the OAuth logout URL would not be triggered (MMA-1056) 
  • Resolved: fixed loading HTML snippets when using OAuth login (MMA-1060) 
  • Improved: the log search page no longer shows the number of results & pages when querying multiple domains, to improve loading speed (MMA-198) 
  • Improved: decreased the time to load the domain dashboard when a domain has an extremely large number of mailboxes (MMA-1092) 
  • Improved: adjusted how outgoing users are removed so that web interface performance is not impacted when very large numbers are removed at once (MMA-1148) 
  • Improved: when using the “delivery history” action on the log search page, the delivery details page correctly includes the filtering server in the filters (MMA-203) 
  • Improved: the Delivery Details page includes the filtering server as a required filter (MMA-203) 
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