N-able RMM: New Windows GA Agent with Upgraded TeamViewer Support, Agent Uninstall Protection and More

We’re pleased to let you know that we are promoting the latest Windows RC Agent, v10.11.5 to be the new GA agent. The new Windows Agent supports a host of new features and improvements since the last GA Agent (v10.9.17) – here are all the enhancements, along with links to the previous posts for details:

  • Agent uninstall protection: Now it’s possible to avoid unintentional agent removals on the end-point by requiring an uninstall passcode. A highly requested feature improvement that’s now ready to roll out across your estate.
  • Upgraded TeamViewer support: The improved TeamViewer integration means a more seamless experience when using TeamViewer with Take Control or with the standalone TeamViewer integration. Important – Action required! Partners who use TeamViewer must update to the new GA Agent by October 1st in order to continue to use TeamViewer in RMM.

Additionally, there’s a whole series of improvements to the Antivirus Update Check, the Backup Check, quality updates and bug fixes – see release notes below for the full list.

Alongside the updated GA Agent, there is also a new Windows RC Agent, v10.11.4, with an improvement to script checks to help reduce unexpected time-out issues. Please test the latest agent on your sandbox devices.

The release is currently rolling out across the RMM territories and expected to be available to all partners by Thursday.

Summary for Service Release
– Windows Agent with TeamViewer integration upgrade
– Windows GA Agent v10.11.5, Windows RC Agent v10.11.4 *

Windows RC Agent v10.11.4
BUGFIX: Update to reduce ‘Script timed out’ issues with additional logging

Windows GA Agent v10.11.3
Includes all the updates since the previous GA Agent (v10.9.17)

Agent v10.11.3 Release Candidate (16th July 2021)
BUGFIX: Address issue Windows Event Log issue for new agent installs

Agent v10.11.2 Release Candidate (9th July 2021)
UPDATE: Upgrade to standalone TeamViewer integration
UPDATE: Digital signing certificate updated to N-able Technologies Ltd
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting asset scan with the GPO installation package

Agent v10.11.0 Release Candidate (12th May 2021)
FEATURE: Uninstall protection with uninstall code
UPDATE: Background improvements to the Antivirus Update Check to address 3rd party check changes more quickly
BUGFIX: Update to Grisoft AVG in the Antivirus Update Check to resolve an agent crashing issue

Agent 10.10.5 Release Candidate (18th March 2021)
UPDATE: Updated support for Kaspersky Security 11 in the Antivirus Update Check
UPDATE: Updated support for Veritas Backup Exec in the Backup Check

Agent v10.10.4 Release Candidate (12th February 2021)
UPDATE: Updated ‘ScriptRunner’ agent to v2.18
BUGFIX: Added support for ESET v7.3.2 to Antivirus Update Check
BUGFIX: Added support for Kaspersky AVP 20 and Kaspersky Security 11 to the Antivirus Update Check

Agent v10.10.3 Release Candidate (18th December 2020)
UPDATE: Ensure newly installed devices use the updated digital certificate

Agent v10.10.2 Release Candidate (16th December 2020)
UPDATE: Updated support for Veeam in the Backup Check

Agent v10.10.1 Release Candidate (22nd October 2020)
UPDATE: The Performance Monitoring Check, TCP Service Check and Web Page Check are now available for Workstations

Agent v10.10 Release Candidate (14th October 2020)
UPDATE: Support for Take Control TeamViewer v15 integration

* Note that Windows v10.11.3 was superseded by Windows v10.11.5 GA per this update. Windows v10.11.4 RC will be superseded by Windows 10.11.6 RC shortly.

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