N-able RMM: Upgrades to the Mac and Linux Agents

We’re pleased to let you know that we are promoting the latest Mac and Linux RC agents to be the new Generally Available (GA) agents. It means you’re now able to update all your devices to these new agents and take full advantage of the upgrades they contain, including performance monitoring checks for Mac workstations!

We’ll be rolling this update out over the next couple of days. Here are the details:

Mac Agent v3.7.0 GA

  • Performance Monitoring Checks: Now you can monitor and report on processor, memory and network utilisation for Macs, just like you can work Windows devices
  • Web Page Check: Use Macs to monitor for a specified website’s availability
  • TCP Service Check: Use Macs to monitor the specified port on an IP address or hostname on the LAN, WAN or internet

Furthermore, the agent includes an improvement to the File System Space and File System Change checks so you can select volumes on external media, along with an update to ensure customer branding is supported in user notifications for macOS 11 ‘Big Sur’.

Linux Agent v2.0.6 GA

  • Contains stability improvements for upgrading between agent versions

As always, we strongly encourage you to stay up to date with the latest RMM agent versions. This is important as they contain new features, bug fixes, and security updates. Updating your devices to use the latest agents is simple and quick to do: Go to Agent > Agent Auto-update Settings, where you can update all your devices in one go.

Summary for Service Release
– Mac and Linux GA agent upgrades
– RMM Console v2021.07.19
– Mac GA Agent v3.7.0, Linux Agent v2.0.6 GA

Mac RC Agent v3.7.0 GA
FEATURE: Performance Monitoring Checks, Web Page Check, TCP Service Check for Mac workstations
UPDATE: Improvement to File System Space Check and File System Change Check to select external volumes
UPDATE: Support for custom branding of end-user notifications with macOS v11
BUGFIX: Update to enrollment Automated Task to correct failure with macOS v11

Linux Agent v2.0.6 GA
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue affecting upgrades from Linux Agent v2.0.4 on some devices BUGFIX: Resolved an issue causing an agent upload error on some devices

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