N-able RMM Advisory: New Windows GA Agent v10.11.3 Is Causing Reboots On Some Devices on Upgrade

Update 30 Jul: Issue resolved.

We have noticed an issue with the new v10.11.3 GA Agent and the v10.11.4 RC Agent released this week, causing it to automatically reboot some devices when they upgrade to the new agents. This is occurring on some devices but not all. We have not observed this behavior with fresh agent installs on new devices.

At this time we recommend holding off updating servers and workstations to the new GA or RC Agent. We are working on a fix and will release this to RC as soon as it’s ready.

Devices that have already updated to the new GA agent are not showing any further issues, the unprompted reboot is only observed on some endpoints as they upgrade. Any pending agent updates can be cancelled through the RMM UI: Go to Agent > Agent Auto-update Settings, then select “Cancel all pending updates” from the dropdown menu.

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