N-able RMM: New Windows RC Agent with TeamViewer Integration Update

We are pleased to let you know that we have a new Windows RC Agent ready for release. The latest RC Agent (v10.11.2) contains an important update to RMM’s integration with standalone TeamViewer.

We plan to release the new RC Agent to all RMM territories by Tuesday. Here are all the details…

Update to RMM’s TeamViewer Integration for Windows (RC Agent v10.11.2)

The new Windows RC Agent contains an important an update to the standalone TeamViewer integration, available to partners who have their own direct license with TeamViewer. This follows a similar update we released previously to the TeamViewer integration with the Take Control feature.

It means that the latest RC Agent now includes an upgrade to both types of TeamViewer integration in RMM – Take Control and Standalone. This upgrade adds support for TeamViewer v15, their latest offering. The update comes with the benefit that TeamViewer sessions no longer require the ‘tvc’ file to connect, instead sessions will connect directly in a more seamless way.

Please install the RC Agent on your test devices and try out the new and improved TeamViewer connection.

Note also that once the RC Agent is promoted to be the new GA agent, you will need to update any devices that use TeamViewer (whether via Take Control or standalone) to this new agent to ensure TeamViewer continues to work. We expect to promote this latest RC Agent to the be the new GA Agent later in July. You will then have until the end of September to update the Agents. After this date, the previous TeamViewer integration will be deprecated.

*** Please Note: We have discovered an issue affecting the v10.11.2 RC agent that is causing new agent installs to log errors in the Windows Event Log. Upgrades of previously installed agents are not affected. We will release a new Windows RC Agent in the coming days to address this. ***

Take Control TeamViewer for Mac (Reminder)

Similarly, please ensure that the Mac agent is up to date for any Mac workstations that use TeamViewer with Take Control. The TeamViewer update for Macs was released with Mac Agent v3.6.0 (see post), and is covered by the current Mac GA Agent (v3.6.2). Please ensure any Mac workstations are running the latest GA Agent so that Take Control TeamViewer sessions continue to work on Macs as well. (For Macs, the standalone integration for TeamViewer is not supported.)

How to update your RMM Agents

Updating the RMM Agent is quick and easy, and we strongly advise you to keep devices up to date with the latest GA agent version as a general good practice. Go to the ‘Agent’ dropdown menu and select ‘Agent Auto-update Settings’ – here you can instruct RMM to update the agent across all devices in one go or by client, site or individual device. This is the step you should perform once the upcoming Agent v10.11.2 with the TeamViewer upgrade goes GA.

Pro tip: You can now more easily check which agent versions your devices are on with the newly released Agent Version column.

End of Life Notice for the ‘App Control’ feature

Please note that in the coming weeks we will be retiring the App Control feature, available on the ‘Services’ tab. We have come to this decision after careful consideration of future roadmap plans and the value the App Control feature provides to partners. It means that we are able to focus on enhancing other areas of the product with key features to help partners grow and succeed.

We have currently scheduled retirement of App Control for August 16th 2021. No action is required from you, though you are welcome to remove any services you have currently listed. To do so, go to the ‘Services’ tab in RMM, select the service listed in the north pane, then right click and select ‘Delete Service’. Repeat until you have no more accounts in the list.

Summary for Service Release
– Windows Agent with TeamViewer integration upgrade
– RMM Console v2021.07.04
– Windows RC Agent v10.11.2

RMM Console v2021.07.04
UPDATE: Upgrade to standalone TeamViewer integration (requires Agent v10.11.2)
UPDATE: Released new set of VMware ESXi Script checks with support for newer version
BUGFIX: Resolve an issue with orphaned NetPath checks
BUGFIX: Resolve an issue preventing mobile devices from being deleted on Mobiles tab
BUGFIX: Resolve issue whereby last character was cut off from mobile device names
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting Bandwidth Monitoring report for Macs

Windows Agent v10.11.2 RC
UPDATE: Upgrade to standalone TeamViewer integration
UPDATE: Digital signing certificate updated to N-able Technologies Ltd
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting asset scan with the GPO installation package

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