N-Able Passportal – Service Update 2021.7.14 & Mobile App 1.9.4

Service Update 2021.7.14

Functionality Updates:

Clicking on the name of a template will now take the user into the template instead of having to go through the ‘Actions’ menu.

Added a “Contact Us” button to the main login screen of Passportal. Clicking will take the user directly to the Success Center to help partners experiencing issues report them in a more efficient manner.

Automated Workflows now allow email alerts to be configured to email addresses outside of the ones registered as Passportal users.

Ninja API updates to the latest version to ensure our Ninja partners are able to continue to utilize the integrations between our products

Bug Fixes

Fixed credential import issues revolving around UTF-8

Fixed SSl Certificates to honour the line breaks observed

Mobile App 1.9.4

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue with iOS devices that prevented the mobile app from assisting in automatic password completion

Fixed issue of client list not matching client list observed in webportal

Fixed issue on iOS devices that prevented the autofill services from functioning if PIN or TouchID/FaceID is enabled

Fixed specific Android autofill issues on URLs it was not working on

Fixed issue on iOS devices that prevented the ‘Notes’ section of the credentials from appearing.

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