N-able RMM: Service Release with New Windows RC Agent, Release Highlights Video

To help you stay up to date with all the feature release and improvements we’ve put out recently, here’s a quick video recap! Please share with your teams to ensure you take advantage of the latest enhancements.

This week we’re releasing a new Windows RC Agent, v10.11.3. The update addresses an issue we detected with the v10.11.2 Agent that was released last week. The bug causes fresh agent installs to write excessively to the Windows Event Log.

The agent release will start to roll out to RMM territories today and expected to complete on Monday. At your convenience, please update any devices on the v10.11.2 RC to the new v10.11.3 RC agent.

We’re also pleased to highlight a set of quality improvements, including an update to the User Audit Report so that it captures edits to network devices, something many partners have been asking for.

Additionally, in the new RC Agent, we improved the way custom scripts and custom tasks return information to the dashboard. Previously, they would not return error information (from StdErr) on a success (0) return code. Now, they will provide return error information as part of the script output. This means that more information for Scripts and Tasks will display information retrieved from StdErr first, and then display information retrieved from StdOut second. (Note that out of the box scripts may display differently, due to different data processing and rendering mechanisms.)

This is beneficial because scripts that return a success (0) return code don’t always complete successfully. For example, a powershell script may only return an error and no output, yet return a success (0) code. An uncaught exception may cause the script to continue with errors, and not carry out all of its tasks. Making sure errors are visible, can allow you to troubleshoot, and improve your custom scripts.

Pro Tip: Do you know you can right-click a tab in the north pane to set it as your default tab?

Summary for Service Release
– Windows Agent update
– RMM Console v2021.07.14
– Windows RC Agent v10.11.3

RMM Console v2021.07.14
UPDATE: Audit network device edits captured in the User Audit Report
BUGFIX: Resolve connection issue affecting agent push install for devices under Networks
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting ability to add new network under management
BUGFIX: Resolve ‘awaiting first run’ SNMP Check issue for Network Devices
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with MDM column showing incorrect info with custom filter

Windows Agent v10.11.3 RC
UPDATE: Error information on a success (0) return code for custom scripts
BUGFIX: Address issue Windows Event Log issue for new agent installs

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