N-able N-central: Upcoming Upgrade To The Hosted (NCOD) Environment

We’re pleased to announce that the hosted N-central (NCOD) environment will be upgraded to HF5 for N-central 2021.1. The upgrade schedule for all geographies is listed below; detailed status updates will be made available on the N-able Uptime page as the upgrades proceed:

  • APAC: Morning of Friday, July 9th (GMT-4)
  • Europe: Afternoon of Friday, July 9th (GMT-4)
  • North America: Afternoon of Saturday, July 10th (GMT-4)

HF5 for N-central 2021.1 addresses a range of issues, notably around EDR, the Intune module, and the stability of the N-central server itself. For a full list of changes in this release, please refer to the Release Notes.

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