SolarWinds RMM: macOS ‘Big Sur’ Support in New Mac Agent, Upgrades for Take Control TeamViewer and Automation Manager

New Mac Agent with Support for macOS 11 ‘Big Sur’

Today we are excited to announce RMM Agent for Mac 3.6.0 RC. It’s a small but important update, especially with the timing of Apple’s October announcements.

This is our first release with support for macOS 11 Big Sur.  That includes some background and procedural changes, and a bunch of cosmetic ones to match the new look and feel – even the icon.

Another important change is that Agent 3.6.0 includes native support for Macs with new Apple Silicon processors. Some add-on features like AV will run in Rosetta 2 compatibility. We expect to have those ready in the near future, but the core Agent is ready today. 

For technical reasons, the Agent is not a Universal 2 binary, so if you use Migration Assistant to transfer from an Intel Mac to and Apple Silicon Mac, please reinstall the RMM Agent to ensure the native version is used. Our installer will determine the correct package to install. 

Lastly Agent 3.6.0 includes support for new APIs in TeamViewer 15. Just like Windows Agent 10.10, Macs using Take Control with the TeamViewer engine will support the new more robust protocols from TeamViewer. 

Altogether, RMM Agent 3.6.0 for Mac is an example of SolarWinds MSP’s commitment to a great Mac experience by both delivering parity with our Windows agent features, and delivering timely Apple native support.

The new Mac agent is currently rolling out across the territories and expected to be available to all customers by end of the week.

New Windows RC Agent with Take Control TeamViewer Upgrade

As highlighted in this recent post, we’re busy rolling out a Windows RC Agent, v10.10, which includes the Take Control TeamViewer upgrade. When you update your test devices to this latest agent, it will use the upgraded TeamViewer connections in the background. It also means the remote access session will start in the Viewer without the need to download and run the ‘TVC’ file as previously the case.

As mentioned, the Take Control upgrade means the standalone TeamViewer integration option will no longer be supported once the current agent goes GA in a few weeks’ time. We’d like to highlight the Take Control feature as a great alternative instead.

Automation Manager v2.17

Automation Manager is being updated this week to the latest version (v2.17), which contains a whole set of usability improvements along with newly created modules for you to drag and drop into place in your custom scripts for checks and tasks. In case you’re new to the Automation Manager tool and what it can do for you, just check out this previous post with details on where you can download the app and take advantage of the awesome capabilities of RMM’s custom script builder.

The updated version is now available in all territories, please download the new version from the ‘Script Manager’ dialog from the ‘Settings’ dropdown menu. Here are the latest updates in this version:

  • Policies now support backward compatibility.  This means that a newly created/updated policies can run on older agents, so long as the policy doesn’t use objects which are newer than what is supported on the agent.  Each object’s help section will show the version required to support this object and your policy will display the lowest version required to run your complete policy as you add/remove objects.
  • A little birdie told us you wanted prettier popups when you send the user a message.  Automation Manager now contains a Branding option where a logo, fonts and colors can be configured, allowing for much cleaner customer interactions.
  • There’s a new favorites section so you can store and order the objects you use most often, so they’re always there where and when you want them.
  • Many of you are blessed with multiple screens. So why not make use of more than one when creating automation scripts – undock your panels, use three screens, then dock them in a new layout. More creative, and more efficient!
  • We’ve also published a slew of new objects for you to automate with – the list is below under the release notes section.

Summary for Service Release
– Big Sur Mac support, TeamViewer Upgrade, Automation Manager Upgrade
– RMM Console v2020.10.15
– Mac Agent v3.6.0 RC, Windows Agent v10.10 RC

RMM Console v2020.10.15
FEATURE: Support for TeamViewer 15 (requires Windows Agent v10.10, Mac Agent v3.6.0)
UPDATE: Automation Manager v2.17 is available for download from the ‘Script Manager’ dialog
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with running 2 or more Automation Manager scripts simultaneously on an end point
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with “Get Snapshot Information (VMware)” object in Automation Manager

Windows Agent v10.10 RC
UPDATE: Support for Take Control TeamViewer v15 integration

Mac Agent v3.6.0 RC
UPDATE: Support for macOS Big Sur
UPDATE: Native support for Apple Silicon processors
UPDATE: Support for Take Control TeamViewer v15 integration

Automation Manager v2.17 Input Objects

Three new input types:
– Input Prompt: For generic messaging, while supporting the ability to add a combo box, check boxes, radio buttons and date picker.
– Scheduler Prompt: To query a user about a date/time
– Reboot Prompt: To prompt a user about rebooting their device

New VMware objects:
– Restart Host Service
– Discmount CD-DVD from VM
– Start Host Service
– Stop Host Service
– Vmotion Guest
– Get Host Service Information
– Create VM Template
– Remove VM From Host
– Suspend VM
– Get PowerCLI Version
– Get Host Maintenance Status Information
– Update VMTools

New Bitlocker Management objects:

– Get Bitlocker Configuration
– Enable Bitlocker Windows Feature
– Disable Bitlocker

New objects to help you query or perform system-type tasks:
– Computer Uptime
– Send File(s) to Recycle Bin
– Get Folder List
– Enable/Disable Drive Autorun
– Updated CleanMgr to run silently
– Active Directory – Get Domain Info
– Get Powershell Execution Policy
– Set Powershell Execution Policy
– Set Powershell Transcription State

SolarWinds RMM Agent Information:
– Generate Random Password
– Set AD Password
– Computer Uptime
– Get Restore Point
– Create File Shortcut
– Create Website Shortcut
– Get Service Credentials
– Get Services Dependent On

Conditionals, Control Flow, Formatting & Logging:
– Get Collection Row Count
– Convert Integer to String
– String Find and Replace
– Truncate String
– Stop Policy
– Compare Software Version Numbers

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