RMM – Managed AV (Mav-BD) Experiencing Issues with Recent Windows Update

Please be advised that we are currently experiencing an issue with RMM Managed AV – Bitdefender (MAV-BD). Following a recent upgrade of Windows containing KB4580347 or KB4579311, released Tuesday October 13, Bitdefender encountered failed agent installations caused by a failed integrity check for the downloaded files. Bitdefender has identified the issue as a behavior change of the Microsoft integrity check function resulting from their new update. Microsoft is working on releasing a fix.

This issue impacts installation and results in an Error code -13.

This issue only impacts partners who have taken KB4580347 or KB4579311.

We are actively working on a solution and will update as new information presents. We are treating this as an emergency release and will provide this release as  soon as possible.

For steps on how to roll back the MS Patch and redeploy allowing you to install the updates, please see this article:https://success.solarwindsmsp.com/kb/solarwinds_n-central/Managed-Antivirus-BitDefender-fails-to-install-due-to-Exit-Code-13-caused-by-patches-KB4580347-KB4579311

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