N-Able Passportal – Service Update and new features for Browser Extension 3.17.0

Passportal service update has addressed the following bugs:

Automated Workflows – Dynamic Tags not working

Automated Workflows – Running against disabled clients

SW RMM – Assets synced not being updated with new information

Autotask PSA – Stopped syncing assets

Autotask PSA – Warranty Expiration displaying today’s date if field unpopulated

Auvik – Assets synced over do not indicate where the sync initiated from

Runbook Formatting for Articles

‘Recent Items’ section URL redirect leading nowhere

And NEW FEATURES for Browser Extension 3.17.0

User Settings are now save directly to the user account instead of browser cookies. This will unify the browser extension experience across all browsers. No longer will websites that you have told the extension to ignore keep reappearing for save after deleting browser cookies and/or using the extension across different browsers

Spot retention remembers exactly the spot you were in should a user accidentally close the extension during use. No more painfully navigating back to a specific credential just because of an accidental extension closer.

Favicons have been enlarged and made clearer to give a better ‘heads up’ look to the websites that each of credentials is tied too.

Copy TOTP action added into the actions menu of the browser extension to provide quicker access to the code

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Can be reached at troels.rasmussen@n-able.com
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