N-able RMM: Apple Device Management Remote Commands, New Monitored Devices View

We’re pleased to highlight the latest set of RMM feature enhancements, which are currently rolling out for partners across the territories. Here’s what’s in store this week:

Remote Commands for Mac Workstations

We’re excited to announce a brand new set of remote command options for Mac workstations, as part of the Apple Device Management (ADM) toolkit. For Macs enrolled in ADM with the Apple Push Notification Certificate (details), you’re now able to perform the following actions:

  • Lock Device – locks the Mac workstation down with a one-time PIN code
  • Instant Restart – restart the Mac workstation
  • Update Device Information – refresh the device’s asset info
  • Shutdown Device – power the device down
  • Command History – see past commands for the device

To use the options, select a Mac workstation, then right-click to bring up the device’s context menu. Here you will see the new options. The remote commands feature is the same set of options that’s also available to use for iOS devices enrolled in ADM. So now Mac workstations, iPhones and iPads all offer the same level of remote management functionality.

In addition, we’d like to draw your attention to the ‘Manage Profiles’ option you see in the screenshot – this recent release allows you to more easily add, remove and view Apple Configuration Profiles for the device.

New Monitored Devices View

We’re pleased to release a brand-new devices view in RMM, available from the Dashboards menu in the left-side navigation bar. This new view brings servers, workstations and network devices together in a consolidated view for the first time, together with easy filtering options to view devices by customer, device type and operating system:

We’re releasing the new view as an early ‘beta’ release while the view is in a report mode. We plan to extend the view with additional data such as asset information and monitoring configurations, followed by a technician toolbar so you can filter, review and update settings across device types within a consolidated workflow. In the meantime, please use the little ‘beta’ button top right of the screen to send us any feedback and feature enhancement requests to help us design the next phase!

Summary for Service Release
– Apple Device Management updates, new Monitored Devices view
– RMM Console v2021.04.4
– Mac and Linux Agent updates (N-able branding)

RMM Console v2021.04.04
FEATURE: New commands for enrolled Apple Mac workstations
FEATURE: New Monitored Devices view with consolidated server, workstation, network devices overview
BUGFIX: Address issue causing Monitoring Templates to stall on loading message
BUGFIX: Addressed issue causing login issue with RMM mobile app
BUGFIX: Resolve an SSO login issue when going between N-able products
BUGFIX: Resolve an SSO issue when creating new users preventing them from logging in

Mac Agent v3.6.2 General Availability (20th March 2021)
UPDATE: N-able branding updates

Linux Agent v2.0.5 General Availability (20th March 2021)
UPDATE: N-able branding updates

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