N-able RMM: Apple Device Management Updates, Boot Camps, New Windows RC Agent

To start, here’s a quick summary of the updates we put out in January to start the year off… including enhanced iOS support with Apple Device Management, remote access for network devices, a new Linux agent with Raspberry Pi support, Meraki monitoring updates and more:

Apple Device Management Updates

We have released another couple of improvements to Apple Device Management as we continue to build out support for Mac and iOS devices. The following features have been added for Apple Device Management enrolled iPhones and iPads:

  • There’s a new ‘Clear Password’ command option.
  • There’s a new ‘Update Device Information’ command option
  • To use the new options, just select the device, right-click and select the desired action from the Commands menu:

Sign up to our free Boot Camps!

Our technical nerds run a host of highly informative boot camps, on topics ranging from security to automation to business operations. We’re going to make it a little easier for you to see and sign up to these ongoing events with a new icon to highlight upcoming training sessions in the coming days. Of course, you can always visit the Success Center and the MSP Institute for more info and materials.

* Note that end-client users won’t be shown these events in their RMM accounts

Endpoint Detection & Response: “Machu Pichu SP4” Release

As highlighted, we have released a significant update to the integrated Endpoint Detection & Response service, with SentinelOne’s “Machu Pichu SP4” release. The update includes:

  • Preview blocked list & exclusions
  • Upgrade agents according to your schedule
  • Network quarantine
  • Reload an agent remotely without a reboot
  • Exclusions Catalog and environment variables
  • New blocklist improvements for safer workflows
  • And more… click here for all the details!

New Windows RC Agent v10.10.4

There’s a new Windows RC Agent with updates to the Antivirus Update Check along with a new agent version for Automation Manager.

Here are the release notes for this week’s update…

RMM Dashboard v2021.02.10
FEATURE: iOS Update Device Information command
FEATURE: iOS Reset Password command
UPDATE: New badges icon to highlight upcoming boot camps
BUGFIX: Column sorting fix for mobile device management device view
BUGFIX: Removed redundant column from mobile device management view for Firefox browser
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting Patch Status Check not being added when reinstalling Patch Management

Windows v10.10.4 RC
UPDATE: Updated ‘ScriptRunner’ agent to v2.18
BUGFIX: Added support for ESET v7.3.2 to Antivirus Update Check
BUGFIX: Added support for Kaspersky AVP 20 and Kaspersky Security 11 to the Antivirus Update Check

Automation Manager Agent (ScriptRunner v2.18, auto-deployed to existing devices)
BUGFIX: Resolve error with EDR Shadow Copy Status script check
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with ‘Disable/Enable USB Mass Storage’ object
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with ‘Set Registry Value’ object
BUGFIX: Resolve custom script checks failing sporadically with time out or output not found error
BUGFIX: Resolve issue preventing custom scripts from completing due to an access denied error

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