N-able RMM: Apple Device Management & Patch Management Engine Updates, New Windows RC Agent

First of all, here’s a recap of the recently released items in RMM, including upgrades to Apple Device Management, Endpoint Detection & Response, Meraki monitoring and more!

Apple Device Management – Ease of Use

We’re making it a little easier to manage Apple profiles in RMM – now you can simply right-click a Mac workstation in the device’s north pane to view, install or remove Apple configuration profiles

We are also introducing ADM commands for Mac, just like we recently added for iPhones and iPads, with the first option to update the device info on the spot…

In addition, there’s a new ‘Apple Device Managed’ filter on the Mobile Devices tab to make it easier for you to see which iOS devices are fully Apple managed…

Patch Management Engine (PME) 2.0.0

We’re excited to be releasing a new version of the Patch Management Engine with a number of changes and improvements. In addition to the usual bug fixes (see below for details), PME 2.0.0 introduces changes to the application names, Windows Service names, and folder paths. Click here for all the details.

Windows 10.10.5 RC

The latest Windows RC Agent includes a couple of monitoring updates, with updated support for Kaspersky in the Antivirus Update Check and for Veritas Backup in the Backup Check.

Summary for Service Release
– Apple Device Management updates, Windows RC Agent, Patch Management Engine
– RMM Console v2021.03.15
– Windows RC Agent v10.10.5

RMM Console v2021.03.15
UPDATE: Added “Profiles” section to Mac device context menu
UPDATE: Added “Commands” section to Mac device context menu
UPDATE: Added “Apple Device Managed” option to device filter in Mobile tab
UPDATE: Added option to renew certificate in Apple Device Management
UPDATE: Improvement to Patch Management logic when running the Patch Status Scan to not fail due to patch scan not scheduled to run yet
BUGIX: Fixed an issue in Mobile Device Inventory Report which was not displaying Apple Device Management devices correctly
BUGFIX: Issue with RMM mobile app logins on iOS resolved

Windows Agent 10.10.5 RC
UPDATE: Updated support for Kaspersky Security 11 in the Antivirus Update Check
UPDATE: Updated support for Veritas Backup Exec in the Backup Check

Patch Management Engine (2.0.0)
UPDATE: Changes to the application names, Windows Service names, and folder paths – see post for details
BUGFIX: Read installation date from CBS registry records
BUGFIX: Patches tab showing incorrect installation time (UTC instead of LocalTime)
BUGFIX: Repeating installation can clear Reboot Required flag in PME
BUGFIX: Some patch installers are not validated for integrity
BUGFIX: Issue with some cumulative updates displaying twice for Windows Server 2019

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