N-able Take Control: February Releases

We are delighted to introduce our February releases for SolarWinds Take Control. This is a release which has something for all Take Control partners – those using Take Control integrated with RMM or N-central, as well as those using standalone Take Control or Take Control Plus.

All the details…

First up, for our Integrated partners we’re pleased to confirm that the updated Mac components from our previous blog post will now be rolled out to all our integrated partners, as well as those using the standalone products.

This is an important milestone for our Mac releases, as this now ensures that we have native support for macOS Big Sur, the Apple M1 / ARM arhitecture, with all sessions secured to the same FIPS standards as Windows.

For our Standalone partners, we’re excited to introduce one of our top feature requests: Remote Audio!

With this feature enabled, it means that all audio playback on the remote machine is captured and replayed through to the technician in session. This adds significant value to the session, allowing the technician to be aware of all the systemic audio alerts, in addition to identifying other running sources of audio.

Summary for release:
– Mac Viewer 6.00.21 shipping to integrated partners
– Mac Agent 6.00.201 shipping to integrated parters

– Windows Console 7.00.23 shipping to Standalone partners
– Windows Agent 7.00.23 shipping to Standalone partners

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