N-able Take Control: January Releases

We are very pleased to introduce our latest set of releases for SolarWinds Take Control standalone. This release represents a significant milestone for Take Control as it allows us to introduce our latest Mac components.

All the details..

Following on from our December Release where we added support for macOS Big Sur, in this release, we are delighted to line up native support for the Apple M1 (ARM) processor, in addition to adding a Mac compliant FIPS upgrade.

Importantly, the addition of the FIPS work will apply to partners who enjoy macOS on x86, as well as those on the ARM / M1 architectures.

What this means is that partners who choose to enjoy Take Control on mac, can now do so with the same FIPS compliant assurance do Windows Users. Equally, sessions between these two platforms will now have parallel levels of FIPS compliancy.

Lastly, we’re making a few changes to the Admin Area. Here, we’re reimplementing our SolarWinds Service Agreement (SSA) prompts. This represents a small administrative change where each account may be promtped for the SolarWinds Service Agreement.

Summary for release:
– Mac Agent 6.00.21
– Mac Console 6.00.21

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