SolarWinds Take Control: December Mac Enhancements

We are very pleased to line up our next set of Mac releases for SolarWinds Take Control.

All the details…

This release is dedicated to Customer Service Priorities, and will be made available to all Take Control partners – those using Take Control integrated with RMM or N-central, as well as those using standalone Take Control or Take Control Plus.

The first major point to call out is that all Take Control Mac components are now fully macOS Big Sur compatible. This means that if you, or your partner upgrade your existing macOS to this macOS Big Sur, you’ll find SolarWinds Take Control performs just as well!

Summary for release:
– Customer Service release with component updates for Mac
– Added Support for macOS Big Sur
– Mac Viewer 6.00.20
– Mac Agent 6.00.20

Mac Viewer 6.00.20
BUGFIX: Resolved issue with the Windows Event log Viewers
BUGFIX: Resolved issue pin code handling

Mac Agent 6.00.20
BUGFIX: Resolved issue with controlling lock screen

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