N-able MSP Manager – Canned Responses Feature Rollout

We have a brand new feature called Canned Responses that is beginning rollout. 

Canned Responses allow you to save commonly used responses, and quickly pick them from a list when responding to customer tickets.

You can save responses at the Company levels, for every technician to use, and each technician can save some of their own personal responses.  Great for things like your own signature!

You can build your customer response by adding multiple canned responses together, the response will be added wherever your cursor is in the response.  Super useful for common opening statements, adding issue-specific text and a signature at the end, in very little time.

The responses can be grouped, ordered and searched, making them very intuitive.

You should start to see this in your MSP Manager instance in the next few weeks. For early access, please reach out to max.eidsvik@solarwinds.com

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Can be reached at troels.rasmussen@n-able.com
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