SolarWinds Passportal: Weekly Service Update 2020.8.13

Fixed: Issue around edited credentials not saving: Partner had issue saving credential after entering Edit mode via Actions -> Edit

Fixed: “You cannot update a password with no changes” incorrect error: Issue reported around credentials when accessed via “global search -> view all credentials” were leading to the incorrect error message (from title) when credential was edited and saved.

Fixed: Files Section refusing HTML documents: Issue when partners attempting to upload a HTML file leads to a failure to upload

Fixed: Reports -> Passportal Logins -> Incorrect Date: Issue around report showing all dates as “1969”

Fixed: Reports -> Password Audit by User -> Incorrect Date: Issue here around all timestamps being off by one hour

Fixed: Daylight Savings = Off causing incorrect date: Issue revolving around when our partners have selected a timezone with no daylight savings leading to history reports being off by two hours

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