MSP Manager – Security First

As you know, many businesses have increasingly come under attack from cybercriminals. The  acceleration of work-from-home arrangements has accelerated this trend. Our goal is to work hard to help keep our partners safe.

The MFA feature is one of the simplest and most robust authentication methods you can use to help guard against cyberthreats. That’s why, starting August 2020, we’ll require all users to enable multifactor authentication (MFA) to access their MSP Manager account.

The MFA feature in MSP Manager supports several free authenticator applications, including:

  • Google Authenticator – (Android/iOS)
  • Duo Mobile – (Android/iOS)
  • Authy – (Android/iOS/Desktop)
  • Authenticator – (Windows Phone)

We’ll begin by requiring MFA to be enabled on all new accounts created as of Monday, August 24, 2020. All accounts will be required to have MFA enabled by August 31, 2020.

For more details on enabling Multi Factor Authentication, please review our documentation

Threats are on the rise and security must be a principle concern, so please enable MFA at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

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