SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Patch Management Updates, New Mac RC Agent, July Recap Video

First up, here’s a quick recap of all the feature updates that were released in July, in particular the enhanced ability to support end-client users in a co-managed IT environment with new feature policy permissions….


In this week’s RMM release, there are a number of Patch Management updates for improving performance and reliability, along with a Patch Management Engine (PME) release, as we continue to incorporate your feedback to make the service even better.

In addition, there’s a new Mac RC Agent, v3.4.3, with a series of check-related improvements. Please test the latest Mac agent at your convenience!

Important: Make sure you update the GA agent version on all your devices regularly to take advantage of feature updates, bug fixes and security enhancements. Go to ‘Agent’ > ‘Agent Auto-update Settings’ to upgrade your devices.

Here are the release notes for this week’s update…

Summary for Release
– Service release with Patch Management updates, new Mac RC Agent
– RMM Console v2020.08.12
– New Mac RC Agent v3.4.3

RMM Console v2020.08.12
UPDATE: Ensure that the Patch Management Workflow dialog is available to users with Patch Management ‘Usage’ permission turned on in Roles & Permissions
BUGFIX: Fix incorrect release date in Patch Management Workflow for Feature update
BUGFIX: Address runtime of daily safety check affecting install date/time in Patch Management
BUGFIX: Improvement to accuracy of Patch Management’s not installable status
BUGFIX: Ensure the Notes Report email contains the client notes
BUGFIX: Ensure monthly client reports email to contains subject and content
BUGFIX: Resolve card registration error with auto-payment setup

PME v1.2.7
UPDATE: Add latest installation result to the RMM patch scan report
UPDATE: Replace System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache with our own cache implementation
BUGFIX: Address failing installation of older Windows Server 2016 Cumulative Updates
BUGFIX: Change Third Party Patch Scan Time Out
BUGFIX: Windows patch failed to uninstall with error code 87

Mac Agent RC v3.4.3​
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Failed Login Check fails with no failed logins​
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Agent UI keeps reopening​
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when File System Space Check showing incorrect Free Space in Catalina​
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when File System Checks shows fail after upgrade to Catalina​

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