MSP Manager Update – Mailbox Monitoring Diagnostics, Easy Ticket Request

Following the release of M365 mailbox monitoring, we have improved mailbox monitoring logs for both IMAP and M365, ensuring that you can easily identify suspected issues with the monitoring and ticket creation process.

Upon the collective demand, we’ve re-aligned the Easy Ticket Request button and form, to make it cleaner and more obvious to new users of the portal login.

You’ll notice a slightly refreshed look on Workspaces, hiding the configuration options until you Edit a Workspace.  This moves buttons out of the way in day to day use and allows for better use of space.  It looks way better on a TV too!

We’ve also increased performance of loading tickets.

Workflow logic was enhanced to give “Do not create ticket” priority over “Create ticket”, so that any matching rule that causes the ticket to not be created will be respected and take precedence.

The following issues were solved with this release:

  • Service Plan is not displaying All Assets
  • Unable to export customer level Contacts
  • Error is produced when attaching an asset to a ticket
  • Unlinked service items are deleted with service plan
  • User Portal tickets not sorting correctly
  • Portal Username/Email address not following branding colors
  • CSV export Start/End date was including date and time when it should only contain date
  • Inactive and Disabled users appear as option to be notified
  • Additional rates disappear sometimes when editing service item

Did you know?  My email address hasn’t changed in 5 years, and I still love to get your feedback!  If you want to help contribute to shaping MSP Manager and join our Slack discussion group, please reach out!

Have a great rest of week!

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