SolarWinds Passportal: NEW Integration Sync Overview Page

This week, we are pleased to release to our partners a brand new page to manage/view/review/change the Assets which have came over during the integration sync.

Let’s start navigating to your new Sync Overview page.

There are two ways to reach this page:

Sidebar -> Integration Overview -> Sync Overview

Sidebar -> Integration Overview -> Configure Integration -> Choose your integration -> Sync Overview

Page break down:

The client selector allows partners to navigate between the sync results of their respective clients.

The integration drop down populates with all active integrations and allows partners to easily navigate between them to see the sync overview results.

Total Synced Resources shows the lifetime total of Assets coming over from the chosen integration, accurate to the last time synced (date/time in bottom left corner).

Resource Status is the overall view of the assets from the selected integration and their status within the overall sync (excluded from sync, matched to existing Passportal asset, not synced from source).

Filter: Quickly navigate to a specific asset by typing the name (or portion of name).

Type: Choose your specific asset type to filter down the results.

Status: Choose your specific status to filter down the results.

Remote Record: From the original source of the asset. Includes the name and RMM-ID

Matched Passportal Record: Is the Passportal asset that the integration matched the remote record onto

Type: Type of the asset within Passportal

Status: Status of the individual result based on the latest sync (Matched, Not Synced, Excluded)

Working with the assets

After an asset has been matched in Passportal, there are two actions the partner can take should the match be incorrect.

Partner is able to Re-match Record matching it to another existing asset within Passportal. This action will only need to be performed once as this will tell the sync where to properly match for all future syncs.

Secondly, the partner is able to Exclude Record; this will fix the sync mismatch and exclude the remote record from all future syncs.

When an asset has the status of “Not Synced” the partner has the two similar actions available to them.

Match Record will open a modal window allowing the partner to search to remote records match in Passportal. NOTE: Asset will need to preexist in Passportal in order to match onto it.

Secondly, the Exclude Record option is also available functioning the same way as mentioned above. Excluding the remote record from all future syncs.

Potential Question

Q: My assets didn’t match to anything in Passportal even though a record exists, how come?

A: Passportal uses the RMM ID as the first step to finding its match with Passportal. If no match is found, the sync switches to look for a matching combo of the three following areas: MAC address, hostname, and serial number. So if your asset did not properly match, then there is likely a discrepancy between one or more of those specific areas on the remote record and the desired Passportal record.

Enjoy the new Sync Overview page!

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