SolarWinds EDR Windows and macOS agent updates scheduled for July 23, 2020

Please be advised that we plan to release SolarWinds EDR agent updates for both Windows and macOS on July 23, 2020 at approximately 12pm UTC / 8am EDT. Once released to the Management Console of your applicable region, agent updates can be initiated via the “Update Software” action in the console.

The release versions are:

  • Windows Agent v4.1.5.97
  • macOS Agent v4.1.2.3143

Enhancements for the Windows agent include:

  • Minor improved performance and bug fixes.
  • Quarantine improvements.
  • Bug fixes in Device Control, and interoperability issues. Network consumption improvements.
  • Enhanced detection of the Koadic penetration framework.
  • Important security fix in Legacy Agent installation path.

Enhancements for the macOS agent include:

  • Behavioral AI engine improvements.
  • Improved Agent CPU utilization when handling excluded processes.
  • Extended support for path exclusions modes – The macOS Agent now supports all of the path exclusion modes. For details see: Creating a Path Exclusion.
  • Suppress Alert: You have more granular control of exclusions. You can set if the Agent suppress-es alerts of the DFI (Static) engine only, of the Dynamic AI engine only, or of all engines.
  • Interoperability: Reduce the monitoring level on the excluded processes, in addition to suppressing alerts.
  • Interoperability – extended: Reduce the monitoring level on the excluded processes and their child- processes (Same as the Interoperability option but includes child-processes.)
  • Performance Focus: Disable monitoring of the excluded processes, in addition to suppressing alerts. n Performance Focus-Extended: Disable monitoring of the excluded processes and their child-processes. (Same as the Performance Focus but includes child processes.)
  • SW EDR Device Control now supports controlling Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. Support for BLE starts with Management version Jamaica and macOS Agent version 4.1.0 +. For details see: Device Control Bluetooth Low Energy Rules.

Full release notes can be found here:



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