SolarWinds Take Control: 6.00.17 Mac updates

We are pleased to introduce our latest Take Control Mac Agent Improvements. This release has been inspired by client feedback and is an area of real focus for us.  

This release brings not only a major revision to the UI presentation of Mac components, but it also helps us interact with systems and users in the context of the Apple Security posture.  

Importantly, this release applies to All SolarWinds Mac Take Control partners – Standalone, as well as our Integrated Products on N-Central and RMM. 

The first change we’ve made is in the presentation of the Mac Agent. Here, we’ve entirely re-styled our UI and chat experience: 

and this will be visible throughout


In addition to the UI changes, we’ve also been placing great emphasis on Mac Customer Service priorities. In this release, we’re also very pleased to confirm a range of customer facing improvements.

Am important change to call out is how the Mac Take Control agent interacts with end-users for security permissions. In this update, we’ve made changes to agents where an installation of Take Control is live, but without the correct security permissions.  

The first change we’ve made is to ensure this dialog is clear, and easy to follow. We’ve added the “Learn More” option, which links directly to our knowledge articles, for any partners who wish to gain clarity the origin of this prompt.  

Additionally, we’ve significantly dialed back the frequency at which this is shown. On systems where this permission is still to be set, we’ve limited the prompt to device boot, or Take Control session instantiation.  

Summary for release
– new Integrated Mac Agent
– Version 6.00.17

Agent 6.00.17
FEATURE: Upgraded SolarWinds Branding and UX workflows 
FEATURE: Added compatibility with the latest version of N-central 
BUGFIX: Fixes an issue where the remote screen could accumulate excessive image compression artifacts 
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue related with the permissions for file transfers
BUGFIX: Resolves issues related with the deployment of the Agents 
BUGFIX: Corrections in error messages and dialog labels 

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