SolarWinds Passportal: Weekly Service Update 2020.5.6

SolarWinds Passportal is proud to release our weekly service update. This release focuses on:

New Ability

One-way sync ( AD to Passportal ): Option for credentials that are set up for Windows Sync. Available within the Windows Sync options.

Customer Bugs

Fixed: Ninja RMM integration: When an Asset is brought over and manually edited the operating system gets removed.

Fixed: Individual Client Dashboards: Ability to edit client details added to top bar “New+”

Fixed: Issue around visual display of windows agent within clients. Display was showing “Active” when it was not.

Fixed: Visual display of linked credentials not showing correct information until template is saved for Assets.

Fixed: Ability to assign a security group to a newly created folder within “Files”

Fixed: Display issue on main dashboard graphs of Domains and SSL Expirations. When clicking on piece of donut chart you are taken to those results.

See everyone next week!


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