SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Windows and Mac Agent Updates

We’re pleased to let you know that we have two new agent updates going out in this week’s RMM release – a new Windows RC agent, and a new Mac GA agent. These are expected to be available in all the territories by end of the week.

Important: Make sure you update the agent version on all your devices regularly to take advantage of feature updates, bug fixes and security enhancements. Go to ‘Agent’ > ‘Agent Auto-update Settings’ to upgrade your devices. 

Here are the details…

New Mac GA Agent v3.4.2

The GA release of this agent marks a significant milestone in Mac monitoring & management in RMM: It introduces support for macOS security posture, allowing you to fully manage endpoints without interrupting end-users for kernel extensions and other security-related approvals. This advanced Mac monitoring capability utilises an Apple push notification certificate, available with the new Mac Device Management feature – please see the previous post for all the details.

New Windows RC Agent v10.9.12

The latest Windows RC agent includes an important update to the ‘Site Concentrator’feature to improve support for RMM’s Patch Management Engine. We’re also pleased to highlight that the new agent contains an update for monitoring of ‘F-Secure’ in the Antivirus Update Check.


Summary for Service Release
– Service release with Mac and Windows Agent updates
– RMM Console v2020.04.09
– Mac Agent 3.4.2 GA, Windows RC 10.9.12

RMM Console v2020.04.09
UPDATE: Added support for ‘Zoom’ in 3rd party patching in Patch Management
BUGFIX: Resolved a browser related issue causing the asset tracking page to not load

Windows RC Agent v10.9.12
BUGFIX: Resolve a Site Concentrator issue preventing it from working correctly with the Patch Management Engine
BUGFIX: Update to F-Secure Antivirus in the Antivirus Update Check

Mac RC Agent v3.4.2 GA
Includes all the updates since the preview Mac GA Agent (v

Mac Agent v3.4.2
UPDATE: Add ‘Don’t remind me’ option to Mac Device Management Enrollment dialog together with cosmetic improvements
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Mac Device Management shows that a competing profile is installed

Mac Agent v3.4.1
UPDATE: Third-party libraries updated
UPDATE: Agent UI and Notification service stability improved
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Agent window may appear after reboot
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Agent shows empty error message
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Agent overwrites existing Munki installation
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when dark mode is not detected
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when system generates incorrect crash reports for the Agent
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when command line help shows incorrect text

Mac Agent v3.4.0
FEATURE: Mac support for Apple new security posture for macOS
FEATURE: Ability to use the ‘get_site_installation_package’ API call with the Mac agent

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