SolarWinds Passportal: Weekly Service Update 2020.4.8 and 2020.4.9

Customer Bugs

Fixed: Site Admins receiving Pro User Lockout Emails

Fixed: SolarWinds RMM Integration: Clients receiving “Ooops” page when <1 client synced onto the SW RMM dashboard

Fixed: N-central integration: Device audit not showing correct disk usage (will only show 50/50 distribution)

Fixed: Auvik integration: Auvik not syncing on daily basis

Fixed: Continuum integration: New assets not syncing over


Fixed: ConnectWise API client pull updated for larger client handling

Fixed: Datto Autotask PSA not bringing over details of the firewall during syncs

Fixed: Datto RMM audit device and sync buttons updated within Passportal

Fixed: Integration with SolarWinds RMM not bringing over “mobile devices” during sync

Fixed: Display issues with disk space ring on SolarWinds RMM integrations

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