MSP Manager Update – Bulk Ticket Merge, Custom Ticket Fields, Next Ticket Number

In this MSP Manager release, we give you new capabilities to save you time.  You can now Bulk Merge tickets from your Workspaces Ticket or Ticket Request list.  Got the same customer asking the same request, or an outage causing multiple alerts?  Easily group them in a single ticket!

Use the checkbox on the ticket/ticket request list, select the ellipsis and Merge Ticket.  Our updated search makes searching quick with the option to review the ticket details to ensure you’re merging into the correct ticket.

bulk merge

This release also brings you Custom Ticket Fields.

Custom ticket fields, which are protected by the Help Desk > Manage Custom Ticket Fields permission, allow the addition of new fields in the ticket detail.

Add new custom ticket fields from the Tickets & Workflows > Custom Ticket Fields menu.  Similar to Custom Asset Fields, choose the field type, give it a name and a default value if desired.  The field can be made as required, and exposed in Quick Ticket as well.

**This feature begins roll-out today and should complete by Friday April 10th.

custom fields

We’ve surfaced the ability to change your Next Ticket number sequence, as this previously required calling support for assistance.  From your General Company Settings, update the Next Ticket Number value and the next generated ticket will continue with that number.

next ticket


The following issues were resolved during this release:

  • Service Desk import dialog failing silently on closed tickets
  • Trial Expiry banner not displayed
  • Unable to review unbilled tickets in bill batch from Chrome
  • Time entries duplicated if save is clicked in rapid succession
  • Images stripped from ticket details
  • Default contact populated in ticket response when ticket has no contact assigned


A special thank you to all who contributed your IDEAS!

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