SolarWinds Take Control: 7.00.13 for Windows

This week, we’re delighted to announce the latest set of releases for SolarWinds Take Control. In this line-up, we have updates for both Integrated Take Control (in RMM and N-central) and standalone Take Control and Take Control Plus.

And if you haven’t seen our Release 1.00.12 video, have a look!

All the details…

Admin Area:
In this release, we’ve made improvements to End Users so that, those user types may use the same multi-factor authentication (MFA) as standard technician types do. We also added the ability for you to set permissions for end users to allow, or restrict, access to features such as file transfer.


Additionally, in this release we’ve layered in multiple bug fixes and performance improvements aimed at making your Admin Area experience even more responsive.

Console & end user area
With this release, we’re publishing an updated Windows Console: 7.00.13. In this version, we’ve hardened the Passportal integration, corrected a bug with our “Insert copied Passwords” feature, and added improvements to our video calling handling. We’ve also replicated these enhancements to our End User area.

Windows Agent / Applet
In this version of the Windows Agents and Applets (The components which are responsible for unattended and attended sessions, respectively), we’ve improved our German Translations, made corrections to our high-DPI handling, and upgraded the video calling feature to include our latest enhancements

Android Console & Applet
Lastly, we’ve posted updates to our Android device apps. For Console 1.02.41, we’ve fixed a few bugs with video chat and session stability. Finally, for our applet – version, 1.02.34, we’ve added enhancements to our chat feature.


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