SolarWinds RMM: PSA Integration Enhancements, March Release Video

We’d like to start with a quick video recap of the RMM product updates we put out in March, including of course Disk Encryption Manager! Here’s the summary:


Back to this week’s release, we’re delighted to introduce another set of enhancements to the PSA integration in RMM for ConnectWise and Autotask users, all based on the suggestions and feedback from our partners. Here are all the details…

Mapping Status Indicators

We’ve added status indicators to the Asset Mapping dialog that was originally released last year. It means you can see the status of mapped entities, along with counts where applicable.


Improved PSA Name Syncing

We’ve improved our PSA name syncing, so that in the event an asset name changes in RMM, it will now also update in the remote PSA. Importantly, this behaviour now includes servers, in addition to workstations.

Improved PSA RMM Authentication

We’re pleased to highlight a change in how the RMM console authenticates with your PSA. Following a login process change, we have upgraded our login dialog for all relevant accounts so impacted partners can migrate those credentials.

Coming Soon – ManagedID Support for ConnectWise Integration

Lastly, for partners with the ConnectWise integration, we’ve been hard at work on the ManagedID/Setup Name functionality. We’re planning a staggered roll out of this feature in the near future, but we’re excited to be able to announce this.


Summary for Service Release
– Service release with PSA updates
– RMM Console v2020.04.03
– No agent changes

RMM Console v2020.04.03
UPDATE: PSA – Status indicators for PSA entity mapping
UPDATE: PSA – Improved name syncing for Autotask and ConnectWise PSA
UPDATE: PSA – authentication improvement
UPDATE: PSA – Support for ManagedID in ConnectWise PSA
UPDATE: Now text details can be highlighted for copy and paste in the Failed Login Check
UPDATE: UI improvement to the login page to show it’s loading

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