SolarWinds Take Control: New Updates releasing!

We’re delighted to let you know about a series of upcoming releases for Solarwinds Take Control (Standalone). This week, we have made changes to our Administration Area, our Mac Console & Viewer and on our iOS mobile apps.

All the details…

For the Admin Area:

In this release, we’re primarily focused on customer service areas and visual enhancements. We’ve added the ability for Master accounts to delegate licensing responsibilities in the technicians page:


This way, this administrative privileged can be allocated to groups of technicians, allowing a wider group of users the ability to take care of your licensing requirements.

For Mac:

We released updated Console: 6.00.11. This release is also primarily focused on Customer Service priorities and optimizations, but worth mentioning is the addition of the Germany and Australia data centers to the SolarWinds Passportal integration. This means that our  partners are now able to seamlessly integrate their Take Control Viewer with any Passportal instances which are hosted in those regions.



And for iOS version 2.00.30:

In this update we’ve specifically focused on iOS 13 compatibility, so that no matter which element of the mobile app you’re using, you can expect the same great level of performance.

Also, the Passportal change which we made for Mac has been made for the mobile OS as well, so our users who enjoy the Passportal integration can now do so with the same seamless experience on iPhones and iPads.




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