SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with New Windows RC Agent

We’re pleased to let you know that the latest RMM release is available in all territories. There’s a new Windows RC agent for you to deploy to your test environments, containing a couple of bug fixes and an improvement to archive backup handling for Backup & Recovery.

We have also started the release of a UI update to the ‘Client Groups’ feature in RMM. We’re upgrading this part of the UI in preparation of future enhancements. These future updates will allow you to assign feature policy permissions to Client Groups, so that end-client users are able to perform more day to day actions themselves with their own accounts.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the new UI that will be enabled in the coming days,

client groups new design


Summary for Service Release
– New Windows RC Agent, UI update to Client Groups
– RMM Console v2019.11.13
– Windows Agent 10.9.7 RC

RMM Console v2019.11.13
UPDATE: New UI for the Client Groups feature

Windows 10.9.7 Release Candidate
UPDATE: Automatically remove archive backup record in RMM when deleted in Backup Manager
BUGFIX: Update to Rapid Recovery in the Backup check to handle HH.MM.SS time format
BUGFIX: Update to last boot time logic to pull from WMI as primary source over endpoint performance counters

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