SolarWinds Take Control: Coming soon – Take Control of Mobile Devices!

We’re delighted to introduce our latest release for Solarwinds Take Control: 7.00.06

In this release, we have the pleasure of not only introducing our latest feature, Take Control Mobile, we have also lined up a series of enhancements to our Secrets Vaults tool, showcasing several Admin Area usability enhancements.

All the details…

The star of this release is Take Control Mobile which empowers our customers to screen share with users on either Android or iOS devices. To use this feature, the end user downloads an app from Google Play or the App Store.  They input a PIN code you provide from your Technician Console or Admin Area, and are quickly connected to share their screen with you.


The feature is designed to support all form factors – from the largest tablet, to the smallest mobile screens.



As a follow on to the Secrets Vaults feature which we launched on October 2018, we’ve added an in-session prompt to request that the user input their privileged account data – not viewable by the technician – so it can be securely vaulted. This means the technician never sees the credentials, but it is now securely stored for future use.

add_creds_1     add_creds_2

As always with Secrets Vaults, the delivery of the password can only happen during the session, at the point when authentication is needed.

Finally, in our updated Admin Area, we’ve made a series of user interface enhancements designed to help you have the best, and most efficient, navigation experience possible.

For example, the columns in the Device Pane may be toggled on and off: AA_options

All columns are now sortable:Col_sort1.png

In addition, you can now re-order the columns by simply dragging and dropping them how to fit how you want to view the data.



Summary of Release:
Windows Agent & Applet 7.00.06
Windows Console & Viewer: 7.00.06


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