SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with New ‘Added and Deleted Devices’ Report

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s RMM release introduces a new ‘Added and Deleted Devices’ report, making it easier to see which devices are being added and removed in a single overview. It now also shows who the logged-in user was when the RMM agent was uninstalled on the endpoint (requires latest v10.9.0 RC agent). In addition, the release contains an update to Managed Antivirus Bitdefender with improvements to the Site Concentrator and file downloads.

The new report is currently available in the English speaking regions, and will be enabled next week for our partners in the non-English territories.

A new ‘Added and Deleted Devices’ report

Last week we introduced a new ‘Deleted Devices’ alert, a much-requested feature that gives you the option to receive a notification when the RMM monitoring agent is removed directly on the endpoint. This week, we’re following this up with a new ‘Added and Deleted Devices’ report, to make it easier to see device additions and removals across your account. The report shows the method of install/removal, the time, and the user or technician who performed the action. You can also export the data to CSV.

To see the new report, simply go to the Reports dropdown menu, then select the new report from the list:

added deleted devices report

added deleted devices report 2


In addition, we’ve released an update with the 10.9.0 RC Agent to detect the logged-in user when an agent is manually uninstalled from a device. This gives you more useful information about who removed the device. Here’s a quick screenshot illustrating the update:

added deleted devices report 3


Finally, this week’s RMM release contains a Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) agent update, v46.6.02, with the following fixes:

  • An issue that may impact RMM Managed Antivirus Bitdefender (MAV-BD) installs from routing through Site Concentrator has been corrected
  • Improved behavior surrounding interrupted RMM Managed Antivirus Bitdefender (MAV-BD) downloads to ensure installation resumes successfully.


Summary for service release
– RMM console release with new Added and Deleted Devices report, MAV agent update
– RMM console v2019.05.14
– No agent change

RMM console v2019.05.14
FEATURE: New ‘Added and Deleted Devices’ report
UPDATE: Record the logged-in user at the time of agent manually uninstalled (requires Agent 10.9.0)
UPDATE: Session reset of the new RMM dashboard view increased from 4 to 12 hours
BUGFIX: Added ‘client group’ support for the Inactive Backups list



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