SolarWinds Mail Assure: May 13th Features and Update Release

Whats new this week:  

 Option to require delivery using TLS 

The normal behavior for mail delivery is that a secure (TLS) connection is established whenever both the sending and receiving servers support it; all our servers support TLS, so a TLS connection will be used as long as the server on the other side has support. If a secure connection is required (ie. if one cannot be established delivery should fail) then the best way to handle this is to use DANE. However, DANE cannot require a TLS connection only for specific mailboxes, and can be complicated to configure, as it requires DNSSEC. 

This release adds a new option to address these limitations. The incoming “Filter settings” page has a new “Require TLS settings” section, where you can configure requirements for a TLS connection for mail from senders to the filtering servers, and/or for mail from the filtering servers to your destination servers. 

If you have specific requirements, you may either require that all mail for the domain is transmitted over a TLS connection, or that mail for specific recipients or from specific senders must be transmitted over a TLS connection. Note that doing so introduces the risk that some servers will no longer be able to send mail to your mailboxes in case of TLS issues. 

Release notes


Front-end / GUI:

  • Resolved: fixed an issue that could prevent the bandwidth overview working correctly (MMA-1281)
  • Changed: the ability to see the history of failed delivery attempts, which was removed in the 20190416 build, has been restored.
  • Added: the incoming filter settings page now includes the option to require use of TLS (MMA-330)
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