SolarWinds RMM: New Deleted Devices Alert, Windows RC Agent 10.9.0

We’re pleased to let you know that in this week’s RMM release we’re shipping a new Windows RC Agent, v10.9.0, with improvements for the Antivirus Update check. We’re also introducing a new ‘deleted devices’ alert, so you have the option to receive a notification when the RMM monitoring agent is removed directly on the endpoint. It means that in the event a customer accidentally uninstalls the agent, you’re alerted straight away.

To turn the new alert feature on, go to ‘General Settings’, then ‘Agent Management’ to see the new ‘Agent Removal Alert’. Simply enter one or more email addresses to receive the alert the next time an agent is uninstalled locally on a server or workstation.

deleted device alert

Here are the release notes for this week’s update…

Summary for service release
– RMM console release with new deleted devices alert and Windows RC agent
– RMM console v2019.07.05
– New Windows RC Agent v10.9.0

RMM console v2019.07.05
FEATURE: A new deleted devices alert for local agent uninstalls for servers and workstations
BUGFIX: Client group permissions support for the Inactive Backup Accounts
BUGFIX: Option to delete a network device in event associated client and site was deleted before

Windows RC Agent v10.9.0
UPDATE: Updated support for G Data AntiVirus Engine B in the Antivirus Update Check
UPDATE: Updated support for Kaspersky AVP v19 in the Antivirus Update Check
UPDATE: Updated support for McAfee GroupShield and McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange in the Antivirus Update Check
UPDATE: Detect MACHINE/user and show in User Audit Report when an agent is manually uninstalled on the endpoint

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