MSP Manager Update – Enhancements and Release Notes

New feature

·         We’ve added an option that allows you to restore a deleted service item.  This should help with those instances where you didn’t really want to delete a service item, but mark it inactive instead.

 We’ve also fixed the following issues:

·         Asset not exporting from N-central to MSP Manager with a 400 error.
·         Slow Customers selector in access groups.
·         Rate names not being updated for Hour Retainer/Flat Fee
·         Error importing N-central customer to MSP Manager
·         Company dashboard not updating
·         Recurring Ticket Schedule creating multiple tickets
·         SLA report showing breached tickets for some that are not breached
·         Error occurring when editing a customer program level
·         Xero exporting whole quantities rather than fractions of hour
·         Hours worked rounding displaying excessive decimal places
·         Ticket created near midnight appears in next month’s billing batch
·         Can’t export customer to QBD if a deleted customer with the same name exists
·         Ticket export timeout
·         Ticket export not respecting filter settings
·         User within access group can see all contacts
·         Failure when closing tickets created by RMM outage
·         Unable to add customer contact as “cc” to a ticket

We’re always grateful for your feedback, so let us know how we’re doing, and keep the ideas coming!

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