SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Mac Agent Update

We’re pleased to confirm that this week’s SolarWinds RMM release is now available to customers in all territories. In this week’s update we’re releasing a new Mac RC Agent (v3.0.2), adds support for ‘Monitoring Templates’, so you can now use this feature to apply your lists of checks and tasks to Mac devices, just like you can for Windows devices.

Here’s some more info on the latest Mac update…

Note: Monitoring Templates features require RC Agent 3.0.2

The feature and workflow for using Monitoring Templates for Mac devices works exactly the same as for Windows. You can create custom templates with checks and tasks by hand, with both pre-defined tasks and checks and your own custom scripts, or by selecting a Mac and creating a template from its configuration.

Monitoring Templates are now OS specific, so a Mac Monitoring Template contains just checks and tasks specific for the Mac Agent. When a Mac monitoring template is applied to clients and sites it will only update the Mac workstations at those clients and sites. Likewise, applying a Windows monitoring template to a client with Macs will not affect Mac devices.

Here’s a screenshot of a template with Mac checks and tasks.

mac monitoring templates

This update also gives you an easy way to take all the great functionality we made available in earlier 3.0 release candidates (here and here) and apply them to your Mac workstations across your client base.


Summary for Service Release
– Mac feature update and bug fixes
– Dashboard Version 2018.08.06
– New Mac RC Agent v3.0.2

Dashboard v2018.08.06
UPDATE: Monitoring templates now support Mac devices for adding checks and tasks (requires Mac RC Agent 3.0.2)

Mac Agent v3.0.2 RC
UPDATE: Monitoring templates now support Mac devices for adding checks and tasks
UPDATE: Support for OS X 10.8 and 10.9
UPDATE: Agent branding now allows ‘Retina’ resolution images
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue when “invalid client/site combination” occurs at registration
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue which can cause Agent crash

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