SolarWinds Mail Assure: August 13th Features and Updates Release


  • Resolved: the ‘quick select’ buttons on the preview log search page were not working in all situations (#36151)
  • Resolved: fixed issues using IPv6 addresses as hostnames in the network tools page (#36134)
  • Resolved: some minor adjustments have been made to the introduction text on the LDAP Sync page (#36162)
  • Added: the preview log search page now includes, at domain level, the ability to generate a message content search index for archived messages (to search within messages and attachments). This functions similarly to the index build on the old archive status page, but is more conveniently located for users. If real-time indexing is enabled, building indexes is not required, so this will not be displayed (#34672)

In case there are  items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support via

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