SolarWinds RMM: Features and Updates Release – New Mac RC Agent, Web Protection Update, Windows 10 Patch Management Notice

We’re pleased to let you know we’ve completed this week’s RMM release to all territories. We’re especially excited to highlight that the release includes a new release candidate agent for Apple Mac devices, RC Agent v3.0.1, as well as a series of Web Protection enhancements, bug fixes, and a Windows 10 Patch Management customer notice.

In addition, we’d like to draw your attention to the new Risk Intelligence ‘Expanded Data Breach Risk Scan’ (ExDBRS). The Expanded Data Breach Risk Scan will help identify security vulnerabilities, end-point configurations and over 60 types of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). To find out more, and how to access it from the RMM dashboard, visit this blog post.

New Mac RC Agent v3.0.1

The new Mac agent offers a new command line option in the Agent GUI for controlling active automated tasks and synchronising configurations, along with support for custom branding of the Mac Agent, as well as several performance enhancements and bug fixes. We encourage you to install the new Mac agent on your test devices, to help us upgrade it to be the new GA Agent in the near future.

Web Protection Performance Enhancements
We’re glad to announce a series of Web Protection performance updates and bug fixes with the release of Web Protection v5.6.1, with improvements to speed and policy configurations – please see the release notes below for details.

Windows 10 Patch Management Notice
We wish to make you aware that we have tested the Windows® 10 1803 Feature
Upgrade and this update is now available through Patch Management. The update will require one or more reboots; these cannot be deferred by SolarWinds RMM.  The patch has no “Severity” assigned, which means it will use your Microsoft “Other” Severity setting for automated approval.  If you wish to manually approve this update, please change your “Other” settings to “Manual”.

For successful installation, the 1803 update may perform one or more reboots, and these must be initiated by the update itself.  To make sure SolarWinds RMM does not interfere with the update, please ensure this update is installed with the Reboot option set to “Never” or “When Required.”  Using “Always” will interrupt the patch’s built-in reboot sequence.

The update is completely silent, with no further setup required after the reboot.  The silent update will be configured to utilize all recommended defaults of the Windows 10 1803 Feature Upgrade.


Summary for Service Release
– Web Protection performance improvements and customer support bug fixes
– Dashboard v6.54, 6.53.6
– Updated Web Protection Agent v5.6.1 (auto-update)
– Mac Agent v3.0.1 RC

Dashboard v6.54, v6.53.6
BUGFIX: Ensure the device details in the Client Weekly Reports match the numbers given in the summary
BUGFIX: Ensure a device’s install date is the same in the User Audit Report and in the Device Inventory Report
BUGFIX: Ensure the fault history report only includes items that fall within the selected date range
BUGFIX: Resolve a configuration issue that was sporadically affecting Windows Service Checks and Disk Space Checks causing them to fail incorrectly
BUGFIX: Address an issue whereby occasionally alerts would be sent for non-existent outages
BUGFIX: Resolve a sporadic issue with the Site Installation Package remote worker feature to avoid it uninstalling the agent shortly after adding it to a new device

Mac Agent v3.0.1 RC
FEATURE: Agent now displays custom branding assets
FEATURE: Includes new high-res branding for Mac Agents
FEATURE: Introduce new command line options to control active automated tasks
FEATURE: New ‘sync’ command line command for synchronizing configuration
FEATURE: Support for Patch install status in Automated Task Reports
UPDATE: Increase Agent directory security
UPDATE: Improve collecting debug info from the Agent
UPDATE: Improve stability of UI
UPDATE: Improve auto-update process
UPDATE: Improve Agent installer
BUGFIX: Issue with failing ‘scan’ command line command
BUGFIX: Agent can’t be registered after ‘unregister’ console command
BUGFIX: Agent is restarting sometimes when maintenance mode is activated
BUGFIX: Serial Number isn’t shown for device
BUGFIX: Resolves an installation bug of the latest MSP Anywhere version

Web Protection Agent v5.6.1 Changes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved log management on end-user devices
  • Customer issue related to bandwidth check breaching the threshold and remaining in failed state
  • Web Protection Policy management defect related to the dependency of the ‘Show Notifications’ option to the ‘Show Taskbar Icon’ option
  • Defect related to identical blacklist policy entries, where a trailing space is entered, resulting in the entire blacklist being cleared
  • Snooze failing to allow access to blocked pages
  • Uploading large files results in page timeout due to Web Protection packet handling; implemented packet synchronizer, allowing threads to work in parallel & improving Web Protection speed and efficiency
  • Improved internet speeds when Web Protection is enabled
  • Resolved defect causing product resources to continuously run
  • Enhanced Performance fixes as a result of release 5.6
  • Improved performance on Windows 10
  • Improved URL lookup


  • Improved reputation & category updates, synced automatically via BrightCloud SDK


Important Information about Devices with HP Velocity Software
We have become aware that installing Web Protection on a device running HP Velocity will result in a blue screen of death. We have alerted HP to this issue and are working hard to find a resolution.

In the meantime, we recommend that you disable or uninstall HP Velocity on devices with Web Protection enabled at this time.

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