SolarWinds Risk Intelligence: Update Release, 17-May

We’re pleased to introduce the new Risk Intelligence Expanded Data Breach Risk Scan (ExDBRS).

Today, we will add this new scan to the RMM Risk Intelligence policies and the Risk Intelligence standalone products. The Expanded Data Breach Risk Scan will help identify security vulnerabilities, end-point configurations and over 60 types of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII).

This new scan will:

  • Identify critical security vulnerabilities such as unpatched operating systems and applications.
  • Perform a new Technical Safeguards Check, looking at a device’s configuration and highlights the settings that don’t meet common baseline configurations.
  • Find 60+ types of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). This is often used in the data mapping phase in regulatory compliance efforts.

Just like our existing Data Breach Risk Scan, we produce a potential financial impact number that helps MSPs and their customer assess the risk for a specific device, across an organization’s devices and the changes over time.


No RMM agent updates are required, the new scan will display in the Risk Intelligence Policy dialog or in the RI standalone web site’s scan list.

RMM customers: From the RMM Dashboard, select Settings -> Risk Intelligence -> Settings -> Policy and select the policy you wish to modify.

RMM RI Policy Dialog

Standalone Risk Intelligence customers: From the RI Dashboard, select View and Manage -> Scan Configurations. Choose Expanded Data Breach Scan from the options and continue through the wizard.

RI Standalone Scan Config



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